Never worry about overdosing liquids again!

As you might have seen in your revenues the UV-light disinfection market is growing exponential. But whether or not you are using a UV-C disinfection device for your pool, the dosing of an oxidator like chlorine is still a necessary part of your pool system. That’s where dosing pumps come in handy. They come in different sizes and prices.

Never again overdose liquids into swimming pools and spas

Blue Lagoon Dosatech.jpg


Basic: Blue Lagoon Dosatech

Due to its 3-button controller, it is an ideal peristaltic pump for dosing liquids into the piping sytem of pools and spas. The Dosatech is very easy to program and operate. Read more



Intermediate: Blue Lagoon Peristaltic Dosage Pumps

Perfectly suited for the dosing of a liquid solution (Chlorine, flocculants, natrium bicarbonate) into the piping system of a swimming pool. With the optional pH or Redox kit the dosage pump can function as a standalone pH or redox (chlorine) dosage unit. Read more

Blue Lagoon Compact Pool System.jpg


Advanced: Blue Lagoon Compact Pool System

Easy system for wall mounting to monitor and control pool water. Provided with pH & Redox sensor (BNC connector) and 2 dosage pumps to add acid and chlorine. Including sensor electrode holders, clamp saddles and calibration fluids. Read more