Less maintenance and a better user experience with UV-C purification

Pool projects are getting more difficult while a lot of regulations and requirements regarding the water quality are added in the last years. For more than 100 years chlorine is one of the most used chemical disinfectors, but the physical discomforts bathers experience are the main reason that professionals are looking for alternatives. Second is the high maintenance level and affected materials around the pool due to the use of chlorine (and it’s by products).

Swimming pool water sanitiser that results in 50-80% less chloramines

Exposing the water to UltraViolet (UV-C) light is the most effective sanitizing method to destroy microorganisms in swimming pool water up to 99.9%. Because it destroys this amount of microorganisms a UV-C purifier is able to reduce the amount of concentrated chlorine by 50-80%. So it’s not only good for the health of the bathers, also the maintenance will be brought down while materials used are affected a lot less. More about the benefits of UV-C can be read here…

Get advised by a specialist

Why isn’t UV-C used in all pool projects?

UV-C is getting more and more attention while there is a growing awareness of the negative effects caused by chlorine and its by-products. That’s why we advise architects, project managers etc. on how to add Blue Lagoon UV-C purifiers to swimming pool filter systems. If necessary we provide custom made solutions for the best results.