New: Blue Lagoon Compact Pool System, pH/Redox measuring & dosage system



Easy system for wall mounting to monitor and control your pool water. Provided with pH & Redox sensor (BNC connector) and 2 dosage pumps to add acid and chlorine. Including sensor electrode holders, clamp saddles and calibration fluids. The ideal system for pools!

Advantages of the Blue Lagoon Compact Pool System


  • Quick and easy wall installation, with supplied screws and wall plugs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Digital control unit
  • Peristaltic pumps with Santoprene internal tube
  • Measurement ranges: 0 to 14.00 pH and 0 to 1000 mV (redox)
  • 2-row alphanumeric LCD, with backlight
  • pH and redox electrodes with short plastic body, 2.5 m cable and BNC connector
  • 2 levels of configuration (user and technician)
  • 2 independent inputs for level sensor
  • 1 input for flow sensor
  • 230 VAC standard power supply (other voltages upon request)
  • Optional outputs: alarm relays and RS232 serial port
  • The separate pH and Redox electrodes with BNC connector can be used for other brands too


Where to buy Blue Lagoon products?

We have a global dealernetwork where Blue Lagoon UV-C purifiers and pool supplies can be bought. Can’t find one near you? Please contact us.

Art. Nr.
BH08001BL530-1 Compact Pool System pH-chlorine NL-DE-FR-IT
BH08002BL530-2 Compact Pool System pH-chlorine EN-FR-ES-IT
BH08014pH Electrode with BNC connector
BH08015Redox Electrode with BNC connector