Spas & Hot Tubs

Spa & Hot tub UV-C
The problem of UV-C purifiers not fitting in a filter system is history with the specially developped Blue Lagoon Spa & Hot tub purifiers. As powerful as the normal UV-C units but are a lot smaller.

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Domestic pools

Domestic pool UV-C
The growing awareness of the negative effects caused by chlorine and its by-products is making Blue Lagoon UV-C purifiers implemented in domestic pool filter systems more standard.

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Commercial pools

Commercial pool UV-C
Reducing the amount of chloramines by 50-80% is not only good for the swimmers health, it also brings down the maintenance time and costs. Pool materials are affected a lot less.

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Pool Projects

UV-C in pool projects
Blue Lagoon UV-C purifiers are frequently used in projects where requirements and regulations, regarding the pool water quality, make it difficult to use the regular chemicals for disinfection.

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Why purify water with UV light?

Blue Lagoon UV-C technology is an environmentally friendly and safe way to purify water. UV-C breaks down chloramines that cause the unpleasant odour of chlorine and helps prevent physical symptoms such as red eyes, skin irritation and breathing difficulties.

It also protects bathers against pathogens such as moulds, viruses and bacteria. It's the most efficient purification technique to add to spa, hot tub and pool filter systems.

We have already helped a lot of companies to get their pool water safe, healthy and crystal clear.

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Benefits of Blue Lagoon UV-C