Pool supplies to make swimming pool, spa and hot tub maintenance a lot easier

Next to UV-C purifiers we develop additional products that make the maintenance of spas, hot tubs and swimming pools a lot easier. Underneath you’ll find our pool supplies based on our customers’ needs and that we made available for the whole market.

  • NEW: The Blue Lagoon Dosatech┬áis the ideal peristaltic pump for the dosing of liquids (flocculant, natrium bicarbonate) into the piping system of your swimming pool.
  • NEW: The Blue Lagoon Flow Switch Plus is the ideal protection for an electrical device in your pool installation, such as a UV-C unit, for which it is desirable that it’s switched off once the water flow stops.
  • NEW: The Blue Lagoon Compact Pool System is an easy system for wall mounting to monitor and control your pool water. Provided with pH & Redox sensor (BNC connector) and 2 dosage pumps to add acid and chlorine.

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Overview of the Blue Lagoon pool supplies: