UV-C water purification for clean, fresh and clear pool water

Due to the intensive use of commercial pools it’s always a big challenge to have clean, fresh and clear water. The requirements and standards to maintain safe and healthy pool water in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner are getting higher. The use of chemical products to clear pool water are becoming more and more a subject of discussion.

Blue Lagoon UV-C purifiers for commercial pools

Underneath you will find our special developed UV-C purifiers that suit every commercial pool. They all have their own characteristics so there is always one to make sure the water gets sanitized in the best possible way. Our selection UV-C purifiers for commercial pools:

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The commercial segment is looking for chlorine alternatives

Chlorine has been the most common disinfector for over 100 years. The negative side effects are the main reason for pool manufacturers and installers in the commercial segment to look for alternatives. The most heard reasons are swimming comfort of the bathers (red eyes, skin irritation, breathing difficulties etc.) and pool maintenance when chlorine is used. These negative side-effects can be eliminated when adding UV-C water purification solutions to the pool.

UV-C water purification: the most effective method available today

Water purification by UV-C light is the most effective sanitizing method available today. UV light destroys micro-organisms in domestic pools up to 99.9%. Therefore, UV-C water purifiers are able to reduce the amount of concentrated chlorine by 50-80%. So it’s not only good for the swimmers who use the pool, it also brings down the maintenance (time & costs) while materials used by are affected a lot less. Complete information and benefits of UV-C can be read here…
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UV-C solutions that fit in any existing pool filter system

Water purification with UV-C light is applied for a range of industrial and drinking water purposes for a long time. The benefits of UV-C, combined with the availability of special designed products that fit in the existing filter systems are the reason pool manufacturers, installers and project managers add a UV-C purifier to pools more and more often. Blue Lagoon UV-C purifiers are a standard in over 60 countries worldwide.

Blue Lagoon commercial pool UV-C purifier overview: