3 practical tips to replace your UV-C lamp in time

To make sure a UV-C purifier keeps protecting bathers against pathogens such as moulds, viruses and bacteria, it is important to replace a UV-C lamp in time. But how long will a UV-C lamp last? And how can you prevent replacing your UV-C lamp too late?


Lifespan vs. disinfecting value

The average effective lifespan of a UV-C lamp is 9,000 hours. An amalgam lamp has a longer lifespan of approximately 13,000 hours. Although the lamp will still continue to work after this period, its disinfecting value will rapidly decline from then on. To still guarantee the health of the bathers, it is important to replace the UV-C lamp in time.

In this way you won’t forget to replace the lamp in time

9,000 hours roughly corresponds to a full year. That’s why we advise to replace a UV-C lamp once a year. But how do you prevent this will be forgotten?

UV-C replacement lamps

Tip 1. Replace the UV-C lamp every year around the same time.

This usually happens in the spring so pool owners can enjoy a clean, healthy and clear pool the whole summer long. For example, put a reminder in your digital calender (like Google Calender) or make an appointment to replace the UV-C lamp.

Tip 2. Use a lifespan indicator.

A lifespan indicator reminds you to replace a UV-C lamp in time. In this way you will prevent that the UV-C radiation will be below the disinfection power. After you activate the lifespan indicator, it will turn red in approximately 12 months. This is the moment you have to replace the lamp.

Tip 3. Choose a UV-C purifier with timer.

Blue Lagoon offers UV-C purifiers with an integrated timer, that accurately monitors the number of operating hours.


You can therefore exactly see when the lamp must be replaced. Even when you temporarily switch off the lamp, for example for maintenance, the display will indicate the latest counter. From hour position 0672, 4 weeks before the lamp must be replaced, the display starts to blink. First every second and it runs slowly up until the display blinks continuously at an hour position of 0000. Then you have to replace the lamp immediately.