Hot tub & spa sanitizer: less maintenance, better user experience with UV-C

Ultraviolet light already plays a significant role in many applications globally. One of them is the use of UV light as the main purifier of pool and spa water, drastically reducing the level of harmful chemicals such as chlorine.

Blue Lagoon UV-C hot tub and spa sanitizers

Underneath you will find our special developed UV-C sanitizers that suit every spa and hot tub. They all have their own characteristics so there is always a suitable solution that ensures the water gets sanitized in the best possible way.

  • The Blue Lagoon Tech Spa UV-C combines the best of the Spa UV-C (high temperatures ±40°C/±104°F) with the increased efficiency of the UV-C Tech and is a superb sanitizer for spas and hot tubs.
  • The Blue Lagoon Saltwater Short is especially developed for the disinfection of saltwater. Therefore it’s very suitable for desinfecting salt- and seawater spas and hot tubs.
  • The Blue Lagoon Spa UV-C and Spa Inox are ideal for filter installations where space is limited and a high disinfection efficiency is needed.

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The negative side-effects of chlorine

As the heated water in spas and hot tubs is a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms, professionals are continuously looking for solutions to prevent and eliminate factors that form a possible threat to the health of swimmers.

A common solution to purify spas and hot tubs is adding chemicals like chlorine. Although chlorine kills most microorganisms, they are also the cause of the most issues for bathers (eye-, skin irritation, breathing difficulties). In addition, they have a big negative effect on the materials in and around the spa or hot tub. Maintenance often costs a lot of time and money, while bathers don’t have a maximum user experience.

Sanitize spa and hot tub water with UV-C lamps

Exposing heated water to UltraViolet (UV-C) light is the most effective sanitizing method to destroy micro-organisms in spas and hot tubs up to 99.9%. A UV-C purifier is able to reduce the amount of concentrated chlorine by 50-80%. It provides many benefits for the health of the people who use the spas and hot tubs. Also, maintenance costs will be brought down while materials are being less affected. More about the benefits of UV-C can be read here…

Sanitize spa and hot tub water with UV-C lamps

The problem has always been that UV-C sanitizers were too big to fit into the small filter system areas. That’s why we have developed compact UV-C hot tub and spa sanitizers which are as powerful as the normal UV-C units.

UV-C purifiers for spa and hot tub overview: